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  • key performance indicators
  • Duties & Responsibilities
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Collecting data
Register Invoices
Financial Data Analysis
Decision making Meeting
Tasks/Months 12345678910111213
1.Review, reform and analysis of the financial system
2.Develop the accounting system, if needed
3.Implementation of the new workflow system
4.Measurement of the new accounting system
5.Submit a one-year financial plan
Tasks/Months 12345678910111213
6.Submission of the financial statement for the first quarter of the year.
7.Submission of the financial statement for the half year.
8.Submission of the financial statement for the full year.
9.Financial data analysis, financial plan and budget for the year.
10.Develop the new financial plan and budget

A. Cheques/Wire Transfers Preparation and Payments

  1. Prepares cheque for Contractors & Service Providers
  2. Prepares wire transfer advice for Contractors & Service providers monthly fee's
  3. Prepares cheques/wire transfers as required (suppliers, contractors, rentals etc.)
  4. Gives instructions to client to obtain bank statements to determine bank balances
  5. Informs Management the cash bank balance prior to the release of payments
  6. After approvals and signatures, sends clientto the bank for wire transfers
  7. In case of cheque payments, inform contact person of the supplier/contractor for collection of cheques

B. Petty Cash Fund

  1. Manage petty cash voucher and attaches original receipts of bills/invoices
  2. Records the petty cash vouchers in an Excel sheet
  3. Reconciles cash on hand with the balance per Petty Cash Fund Excel sheet
  4. Prepares Payment Voucher and cheque for petty cash fund replenishment

C. Salaries and Professional Fees Payments

  1. Prepare payroll sheet (Excel file) which contains details of salaries (basic and allowances), Board of Director fees and other professional fees including loans and advances, if any
  2. Prepares cheques/wire transfer for salaries and professional fees
  3. Sends PRO to the bank to deposit cheques and to submit wire transfer letter or transfer the salaries online if access will be given to Amwal

D. Record all transaction in ERP system

  1. Amwal will make research to find our best ERP system to be used by client (we usually advise our client to purchase QuickBooks or Zoho)
  2. Records payment vouchers in ERP system
  3. Records deposits/receipts in ERP system
  4. Records petty cash expenses Records monthly accruals for Benefits, Contracts, Services etc.
  5. Records adjusting journal entries, if any

E. Bank Reconciliation Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Generates cash in bank balance per books (ERP system) for the month
  2. Gives instructions to obtain bank statements for the month to be used for bank reconciliation. In case of other bank account, coordinates with the bank contact to send bank statements to OCAC and Amwal
  3. Reconciles bank balances per bank statement and balance per books Records in ERP system the bank charges (for wire transfers, cost of cheques, etc.)
  4. Records in ERP system any forex difference due to conversion of OMR to Foreign Currency or Foreign Currency to OMR
  5. Informs Management in case of reconciling items which need management attention
  6. Prepares the final bank reconciliation statements
  7. Monitor & coordinates with bank contacts in case of concerns with the bank entries, late handling of cheques/wire transfers and deposits and others

F. Annual Audit by Appointed External Auditor

Works with and supplies internal auditor to complete the internal audits of accounts and maintains file with audited recoverable cost estimates

G. Attending BOD meetings